California Flyin

California Flyin

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

We did not fly yesterday, something about all the rain coming down.
The day was called at 1pm. A lot of us went for a swim at the pool in
Vernon. Ofcourse the sun came out later on in the day and it was a
nice evening.

Rick and Terry had nice flights off saddle. They got 2000 over launch
and flew for an hr. or so. Glenn and Biron had nice flight from King

This morning has low clouds, kind of socked in but with a little sun
it should open up. Winds are forecast light all day. I will let you
know how it goes.

Still no ruling on what to do with day two and the turn pt 20km. into
the BC wilderness. I think they should score it to the last good
landing field. This would give the pilots that went the furthest the
most pts. Seems fair.

Others want to give everyone zero. Pilots that did not do as well get
the same as pilots that did well. Doesn't seem fair.

We will see what they decide.

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enjoy the pics how about some more