California Flyin

California Flyin

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Test run for nationals

Well today was real good. Well pretty good
We did not get real high, but there was alot
of lift. We had 98km. Task. It consist of three
15 km triangles then two 25 km. Triangles.
I was 2/3 of the final triangle short. But good
for third. :<)

Lots of button pressing on the gps. I was pretty
busy as my glider had a turn in it and there
was alot of traffic. About 20 hang gliders
and 40 para gliders.
We had a great Mexican dinner
the bond fire is lit and the
band is playing. Tomorows
forcast is good and there's
happy pilots everywhere

I will try for a few photos tomorrow.

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