California Flyin

California Flyin

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Thursday June 17 th

Today we started with a drive up Vernon mtn. It was cold with light
rain so we went back to base at Randys.

Our next target was Saddle mtn. Right in Lumby. It looked like sleigh
rides were going to be the norm. Bruce and Jeff launched first and
avoided the landing field for 45 or 60 min. Shortly after they landed
the sun came out and most launched.

About 7 pilots landed around the 7 km. Mark. Just enough to get a
couple pts. out of the jar but it will not be much. Jon and I climbed
out nicely then went on glide for the first turn pt. I was indecisive
not knowing if I should go straight for the turn pt. or Rolands
cliffs. We ended up giving the cliffs a fly by before going for the
turn pt. Camels hump. I did not have enough altitude to tag the turn
pt. And Jon and I ended up landing. Shortly we were joined my Rob n

K enough about a marginable day.
Tomorrow looks damp but Saturday could be good.

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keep up with the reports and pics B