California Flyin

California Flyin

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Final day

Well June 19 was blue with light winds. Perfect. Pilots and wind
technicians that launched early did ok for 30 min. But would
adventually end up landing. Around 12:30 it was time to get going and
take our chances as the site is known to blow down in the afternoon.
I was one of the lucky few that got up right at launch. I got a couple
thousand above take off about 5000', kind of lost the lift and headed
for the first turn pt. not wanting to join others in the bomb out at
After the turn pt I found my next thermal and got too 6500'
As I got closer to Vernon the climbs were getting better and I was
getting to cloud base regularly. 7400'
I raced up to Cherryville, tagged the tp.
Then landed as I did not want to fly back as there was a large cell on
the course line.
There wasn't much cell coverage where I landed however standing on a
stump I was barely able to text Cathie my coordinates and she came to
get me.
I found out I won the day and so ended up winning the meet. That felt
good. The best reword is my fellow pilots are starting to think I'm
good at this flying thing and I will just let them think this as long
as possible.

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Anonymous said...

Well done brother Ross