California Flyin

California Flyin

Monday, August 13, 2012

2012 National Championship, Day one report

Well we had a good day to start the meet, and some good flights.
We have 16 pilots registerd, 10 open Class and 6 king post Class. However after Tylers outstanding flight yesterday, there is talk about making a seperate class for "Carbon Keel" as Tyler out flew the field yesterday for the Big win. Tops in the King post Class was Serge Lamarche, finishing 4th for the day.

The task yesterday was kind of overcalled, I'll take credit for that, it was in the 100km bracket, and by the time everyone was up the hill and ready to go, task set, gps's loaded we had our first start at 4:00, no one made it, but the next and last start was 4:15 and a few of us nailed that one. Pilots were skattered on the course line, but the goal field was empty, .....except for a few that had bad luck combined with know lift.

We had a Bbq in the evening, Thank you Vincene and Muller Wind Sports! Several pilots helped with the cooking and cleaning, and thankyou. Also thanks to Lani and Jennell for doing the shopping. Eveyone got to relive their flights several times, until adventually even the pilots were tired about talking about flying.

Today was cloudy at the 11 am pilots meeting, so we decided to remeet at 2pm. The sky started to open at 11: 21 and so its looking like we will be going up the hill.

Hope to have the scores and some phots up soon, stay posted.

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