California Flyin

California Flyin

Monday, May 24, 2010

Day 2

Well this was much better, everyone got away today, smiles all around.

With the SE wind we are kind of limited on our task selection, due to this town, "Calgary" down wind of the site. The best we could do was 50 km. to the Black Diamond sail plane club. Then I came up with this idea, we might as well try to fly back, if we make it there, so the task was doubled in distance and made 10 times harder. No one made it back. I'll have to let the singers sing, and the task guys do the task thing.

I was first to get away, and had a pretty ez time getting there, but arrived to low to get up and make it back. Perhaps I should have approached slower and stayed higher, so I would not have to drift further down wind to get back up. Anyways landed at the glider port. Shortly after I heard on the unicom from a sial plane pilot that another hang glider was in the area. It was Bruce Hanson, he was able to climb some after he arrived, but his glide into the SE wind was not so good, so Bruce came down to join me for a cold beer at the glider port. There were several sail planes flying around and Bruce shared a few thermals with them and got some nice photos.

Rob Clarkson came by next climbed out nicely, drifting 5 km. past the turn pt, then he flew back and made it 5 km. back towards launch to win the day. Nice flying Rob. Doug Keller was just short of the turn point, and others were sprinkled on the course line back towards launch.

It was a real scenic flight today, nice flying towards the mountains, and over towns and rivers that we had not flown over before. The people at the glider port were very hospitable and they were as much interested in our flying machines as we were in theirs. It made for a very pleasant wait for retrieval. Everyone is happy in camp tonight.

Cheers and thanks for following,

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